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Ensure That The Goods Reach
Fresh With Only Natural Smell

Clean Air

How do we ensure that the goods reach fresh
with only natural smell when it reaches the buyer?

Clean Air is a highly effective Smell Absorber. It is a scientific process of preventing smell.Clean Air smell absorber helps in removing bad odour from product in Transit and storage.

Smell absorbers acts as natural deodorizers which can absorb the artificial smell and leaves the product with its natural smell.

Smell Absorbers
Bad Odour Fighter

Clean Air is an innovative concept and helps customer in a solving a very unique problem of smell. Clean Air is made of carbon which is a gift from nature.The stench of some finished products can be quite discomforting, reason being the foul smell of other ingredients used in manufacturing of the product. Thus to solve the same our product Clean Air helps in reducing the unwanted smell from the product.

Available Sizes :

Clean Air comes in size of 3.5cm x 4.5cm


  • Removes Bad Odour from the products

  • Does not leave behind any fragrances which overcomes the natural smell of the product

  • Protects for a long duration

  • Most Economical preventive solution

  • Made of Natural material hence Eco-Friendly


Clean Air can be placed inside Master cartons, Inner inner cartons and individual Boxes.

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