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Ensure your goods reach
fresh at destination with
zero fungus problems


How do we ensure that the leather are not affected with fungus and affected leather or leather goods gets cleaned properly with
minimum risk of reoccurrence when it reaches destination?

Moldfresh Antimicrobial Solution is high quality and latest technology antifungal and antimicrobial liquid solution. Moldfresh is designed to make a difference in Mold Protection. It is very effective and helps to combat and prevent further spread of the fungus, bacteria mold.

Anti Microbial Solution
Ultimate Anti-Microbial Liquid

MOLDFRESH is formulated to inhibit the growth of bacteria using a raw and sustainable anti-microbial. Using fine-particle technology, the active ingredient in the Mold Fresh formulation reduces bacterial growth. When applied to products and surfaces, the active concentration of the Mold Fresh formulation causes the functions of bacteria to breakdown, resulting in the prevention of bacterial growth.

Available Sizes :

5 kgs jar


  • Designed to stop fungus

  • A Nano Anti Fungicide, Biocide, Anti-mold

  • All contain Green Chemistry anti-fungal

  • Non Polluting, sustainable, No Residue

  • Odorless

  • No finishing effect

  • Continues to work even after cleaning of the product on which it is applied.


  • Used to prevent leather products from fungus and bacteria

  • Also helps in removing fungus and bacteria from the leather product under attack.

  • Are also used as spray in cartons to prevent bacterial attack and infection.

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