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Ultimate solutions for Mold & Moisture free Packaging

Helping you to have Zero Fungus
& Moisture problems

We bring proven solutions to keep away Molds , fungus & moisture from your products

EnSheild Antimold Solutions provides a robust solution to protect footwear, accessories and garments from Molds, Fungus and Moisture.

Since 2007, we are providing one-stop solution to protect footwear and accessories from fungus and moisture. All our products are result of deep R&D and are tested on highest ranking quality control measures.

With our products we help our clients get free from the fungus claims while making shipments anywhere in the world.

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Beyond the sales, we focus on your success

We act as your growth partner

From technical know-hows to selecting a best-fit product, we work hand-in-hand with you to
make sure you have the right product that solve your bonding challenge.

The edge you gain partnering with Enshield-SKICORP :

Customized Solutions

Our system experts discuss your bonding challenges and brings in customized solutions that best-fit your needs.

Best ROI

We offer our cutting-edge products at a highly competitive budget. Clubbing it with near zero wastage gets you best ROI.

Live test the caliber of our products

Request for free product demo

Let us contact you to understand your requirements and deliver sample the product of your choice.